Thursday, 20 October 2016

consumer electronics - bio

Consumer Electronics is a punk / electro / noise trio comprising ageing renegade Philip Best (ex-Whitehouse), his wife, the US artist Sarah Froelich and acclaimed noise/techno guru Russell Haswell. The band's recent releases "Estuary English" (2014), "Repetition Reinforcement" (Diagonal 12", 2015) and new album "Dollhouse Songs" (Harbinger Sound) have cemented CE's reputation as prime movers in the field of avant-garde electronics, twisted beats and apocalyptic performance poetry. Having just completed a successful 30 date European tour, the band are currently recording and planning further live shows. Philip Best's new book 'Alien Existence' will be published by Infinity Land Press in December 2016.

Quietus said: this is no easy ride, but if you follow Consumer Electronics as they strip bare the caustic facade of modern living, you will find power and, yes, beauty in the dark recesses they reveal.

Dusted said: most striking of the noise albums to grace 2015 was Consumer Electronics’ brutal Dollhouse Songs, which expanded on 2014’s Estuary English with a rampaging diatribe against inequality, prejudice and injustice with the band’s usual mixture of “colourful” language and unrelenting power electronics viciousness. In an echo of some of the above, lead singer Philip Best handed the microphone to his American wife Sarah on two songs, broadening Consumer Electronics’ vision to lead an assault on what has been a turbulent year for the Stars and Stripes. 

Louder Than War said: A glorious collision of punk, electro and techno noise ... 'Dollhouse Songs' is the chaotic soundtrack to a country that feels equally as spinning and weird in 2016.

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